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The computer governor is the brains of the automatic transmission used in the DeLorean, and is responsible for shifting gears. It is also known as the shift computer, transmission ECU and computer modulator[1].


DMCNews has an overview describing how to replace the computer governor. The DeLorean Workshop Manual also has instructions on how to remove and replace the computer in section G:06:03. Many vendors stock rebuilt shift computers.


The DMCNews website has a detailed article by Mark Hersey on the theory and operation of the computer governor. This provides a great insight into how the computer operates and what often causes it to fail. Mark has a second article detailing how to repair a failing computer, as well as a test box he built to house his governor so it can be more easily removed from the car. It includes a number of pictures showing the board before and after blown capacitors were replaced and after anti-noise capacitors were added.

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