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Renault Automatic Transmission[]

The DeLorean uses a Renault type 4141 automatic transmission, which was manufactured between 1975 and 1984[1]. In the United States, it is believe to have been used almost exclusively in the DeLorean. It is also used in the Vixen motorhome[2] and in the Renault 20, 25 and 30. model of car, in various countries around the world.

The Renault 25 (executive saloon type, not to be confused with the racing vehicle of the same name) did have other automatic transaxles across model years, including the MJ3 and the AR4; the latter was a 4 speed variant. It's not known if these other two are compatible with the DMC-12, but the MJ3 is almost identical and very much more reliable.[citation needed]

Governor Computer[]

Also called the transmission ECU, shift computer, and computer modulator, this the brains of the automatic transmission, and is responsible for shifting gears. See the computer governor article for more details. Note: the Renault T.A. 4141 manual refers to this part as the Governor Comparator.

Basic Maintenance[]

changing the oil is an easy enough job of taking the gearbox sump plug off and draining as much oil as possible. then refilling it with a Dexron II oil. modern equivelants are said to be the Castrol Transmax M. Castrol themselves citing this as a compatible equivelant. note however, that the DeLorean's Gearbox holds a total of 6 litres of oil. over half of this is contained within the torque converter. and so the refill amount is only 2 and a half litres. (amounts aquired from the Renault T.A. 4141 Tech Manual)

a full oil change is a very involved process, requiring you to completely remove the transmission from the engine and drain the torque converter seperately, as well as the gearbox.

Advanced Maintenance[]

Cleaning the Filter[]

The DMCNews website has an article by Walter Coe about how to clean the automatic transmission filter, which is usually considered a replacement-only part. This involves cutting open the filter so that the metal mesh within can be properly cleaned. Following the article is a follow-up discussion about the from the DMCNews mailing list.

NOS filters are also available from many DeLorean vendors.

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