DeLorean Tech Wiki

There are DeLorean communities all over the world, with many having mailing lists or web forums for events, advice and questions.

If you know of a mailing list or forum that isn't shown here, feel free to add it yourself, or you can ask for it to be added on the DMCTechWiki Yahoo Group.

Worldwide Mailing Lists and Forums[]

  • DMCForum, an unmoderated mailing list complimenting the DMCNews list.
  • DMCHelp, a forum jointly operated by DeLorean Motor Company and PJ Grady.
  • DMCNews, a moderated mailing list and technical information resource.
  • DMCTalk, a community forum.
  • DMCTech, a moderate mailing list devoted to cataloging technical issues.
  • DMCTechWiki, a mailing for help on editing this wiki and for making suggestions.

Regional Mailing Lists and Forums[]


See the Vendors article for a complete list of vendors.


See the Clubs article for a complete list of clubs.