This article lists various cross-reference parts for the brakes. These are most useful if you can't wait for a part to be delivered from a DeLorean vendor.

Brake Pads
Brake Master Cylinder
  • Saab 50:50 : LM36532
Brake Pads, Front
Brake Pads, Rear
  • Bap-Geon: Deluxe 17-20097D[dt]
  • Bendix: D-9[dt]
  • Geon: 97D[dt]
  • Girling: 64326110-PO[dt]
  • Penn-500: FD97[dt]
  • Raybestos: RPD9 (organic)[dt]
  • Repco: D197-BMXA[dt]
Brake Pads, Parking
Caliper, Front
Caliper, Rear

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