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This article lists various cross-reference parts for the door, trunk and engine compartmnet. These are most useful if you can't wait for a part to be delivered from a DeLorean vendor.

Trunk Cable Brake inner wire from your local bicycle shop.[dt][12]
Door Seals
Door Seals - Inner
Door Seals - Outer
  • Any Dodge Caravan or Plymouth Voyager Rear Door[dt][12]
    Not an exact replacement
aka Lift Pistons
Strut, Door
aka Lift Piston, Door
  • Gas Spring Company #F3130-142-1[dt][12]
    Phone: (215) 822-1982
    Minimum order 50 units
Strut, Engine
aka Lift Piston, Engine
Strut, Trunk
aka Lift Piston, Trunk


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