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Also known as the DML, or DeLorean Mailing List, DMCNews is a moderated Yahoo Group about the DeLorean vehicle, John DeLorean, and DeLorean Motor Company. With over two thousand subscribers, there is always a lively discussion, with many knowledgeable people able to answer questions and post advice.

This is a moderated mailing list, with moderators changing once a week[1]. No posts go through to the list until the moderators have approved them. This means that there is usually a delay before your message is publicly available for others to view. This delay can range from minutes to hours, with messages often being approved in batches. Moderation ensures that posts stay on topic and that redundant postings, personal attacks and irrelevant information is kept to a minimum[1].


DMCNews has an excellent technical resource on their web site,


There is a lot of information here, with links to what's new, a DeLorean FAQ, a list of publications, an owners directory, search via Google, and information about the mailing list.


Along with a list of vendors and links, there is an excellent technical information, which includes various guides and copies of the DeLorean Parts Manual and DeLorean Owners Manual in PDF form. There is also a buy and sell section for cars and parts, searchable mailing list archives, and a number of other files.

The resource section could really use an article of its own to really do it justice, if anyone wants to help out here. Jangell 19:17, 10 February 2008 (MST)


Includes links to gatherings, clubs, and the [DeLorean Millenium Concourse].


This has sections for individual cars, vanity plates, newspaper clips, picture of the moment, and "cave paintings", the writing from the factor on the insides of the doors.


Finally, the administrivia section covers the origins of the list and its history.

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