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DeLorean Club of Ohio
DeLorean club for owners in Ohio
Region Ohio, USA
Dues $30/year
Forum/Mailing List DeLorean Club of Ohio Forum
Established August 1997
Current status Active

The DeLorean Club of Ohio serves owners in the Ohio Valley and Lake Erie region of the United States. The club's roughly 69 members hold at least one meeting per year in January[1], as well various events and tech sessions. The purpose of the club is to provide an organization where enthusiasts to interact and socialize[1].

Organization and Membership[]

The club is overseen by eight officers[2]. Anyone is welcome to join, irrespective of their location[1].

Membership dues are $30 per year, and includes a trice-annual color newsletter, membership list, email discussion forum, two "" window clings and a reduced subscription price for DeLorean Magazine.[3].

DeLorean Motor City[]

DeLorean Motor City is the sister club of DeLorean Club of Ohio. The social connection between these two clubs allows the two to work together to provide a vast event for all members[4].

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