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DeLorean Owners Association
Worlds oldest and largest DeLorean owners club
Region International
Established 1983
Current status Active

Founded in 1983, the DeLorean Owners Association (DOA) is the oldest and largest international association for DeLorean owners and enthusiasts all over the world[1], with over 5000 members[2]. The Association also organizes events for the DeLorean community, and publishes DeLorean World magazine.


The DeLorean Owners Association is lead by a board of directors, who meet via teleconference once a month[3]. The Association is further divided into chapters for local events, with five currently operating worldwide[4]


The DeLorean Owners Association publishes DeLorean World Magazine, promoting the DeLorean image and lifestyle. Each issue includes technical information, events, products, history and exclusive feature articles[5]. A subscripting to the magazine is included for all members[6].

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