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Original 1981 DeLorean Owners Manual

A DeLorean Owners Manual is included with every DeLorean, although previous owners may not have included it when they sold their vehicle.

Table of Contents[]

There are nine sections spanning 53 pages of general owner information.

  • Forward
  • Index
  • 0: General Information
  • 1: Predrive Check
  • 2: Instruments and Controls
    • A: Steering Column Controls
    • B: Instrument Cluster
    • C: Center Instrument Panel
    • D: Console
    • E: Floor Controls
    • F: Other Features
  • 3: Engine Starting and Operation
  • 4: Emergency Operating Procedures
  • 5: Emission Control System
  • 6: Maintenance and Service
  • 7: Appearance Care
  • 8: Consumer Information
  • 9: Vehicle Identification


A copy of the Owners Manual originally came with every DeLorean. Copies sometimes show up on eBay. A downloadable PDF version is available at the DMCNews website. Reproductions are available from many DeLorean vendors.

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