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The DeLorean's engine was developed jointly by Peugot, Renault, and Volvo, and is usually called a PRV-V6 or PRV6. The specific model number is B28F. In the United States it was used also in the a Volvo 260 variant. As such, the Volvo 260 with a B28F can generally be used as a cross reference for the DeLorean's engine.

The PRV6 is a liquid-cooled, aluminum-alloy 90° V6 odd-fire engine with two chain-driven overhead camshafts.


A 3 liter version of this engine was used in the 1987-1992 Eagle Premier, Dodge Monaco, and Renault 21[1]. The Wikipedia article on the PRV engine has a complete list of all vehicles that use the PRV.

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The articles provide more information on specific parts of the DeLorean's engine and related systems.

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The factory manuals are an excellent source of information.

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