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The DeLorean's gas cap is located just in front of the windshield, directly ahead of the steering wheel in the trunk. Early cars have a gas flap on the hood for easy access to a locking gas cap, while later cars require the entire trunk to be opened to access the non-locking cap.

Locking Gas Cap[]

Cars up to VIN 4128[1] feature a flap in the hood to more easily access the gas cap. Since there is no latch or other mechanism to keep anyone from accessing the filler point, the decision was made to include a locking gas cap. In cars with two-key systems (separate door and ignition keys), the ignition key unlocks the gas cap. The key can only be removed from the cap when the it is in the locked position.

  • Part Number: 105137


JMLaux has posted [detailed instructions] on DMCTalk for disassembling the locking gas cap. He includes numerous pictures and detailed steps for both disassembly and assembly.

Standard Gas Cap (Non-Locking)[]

Later DeLorean use a simpler, non-locking gas cap. Access to the cap requires opening the entire trunk, as later cars do not have a gas flap integrated into the trunk cover.

  • Part Number: 110129


  • 105137 : Gas Cap, Locking
  • 110129 : Gas Cap, Non-Locking (up to VIN 4128)[1]

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