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This glossary defines various terms and acronyms common to the DeLorean and car maintenance in general. While such words may be familiar to experienced mechanics, new owners may not have encountered them before.

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Core Charge[]

A fee charged by a vendor for an item that is usually rebuilt. This fee is refunded when the broken item that is being replaced is returned to the vendor. See also Core Swap.

Core Swap[]

Refers to items that a vendor sells, but expects the original, broken item that it replaces to be sent back to them. A core charge is usually associated with a core swap part, with the charge refunded once the broken part is returned.

Cross Reference[]

An alternate part that may be used in place of an original one. This may be an identical part used on a different vehicle, or a similar part that has similar operating characteristics to the original. See the Cross Reference article for a list of cross referenced parts.



New Old Stock or New Original Stock. These are original factory parts that have never been used, but are still available from vendors. Out of stock parts or parts (such as those containing rubber) that are no longer usable after sitting in a warehouse since 1981 are often superseded by new parts manufactured by DeLorean Motor Company and other vendors, or by parts from other vehicles.



A rebuild, meaning an original part that has been torn down and repaired or reconstructed. A large portion of the original part remains intact, with the broken parts replaced with NOS or completely new versions of the originals. When ordering a rebuilt part from a vendor, there will often be an associated core charge that is refunded when you send the broken item back. Rebuilds are usually reserved for expensive parts like transmissions, or rare parts like shift computers.


See Rebuilt.