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Headliners are the foam-backed, cloth-covered ceiling pieces in the car. They cover the bare fiberglass and stainless steel on the center "T" part of the roof and the top of the inside of the doors.


Headliners do not require any special maintenance. They are simply cloth, and can be cleaned just like any other cloth in the car.


Over the years, the headliners may become worn, been torn or started or sag. Sagging often occurs due to the disintegration of the foam backing behind the headliner's cloth. Sometimes you can simply re-tack a sagging headliner, but often they are simply replaced.

There are numerous guides available online for replacing headliners. The process involves pulling up the weather stripping from around the doors and removing the ceiling pieces that hold the headliners onto the car. The old headliner material is removed and any remnants of the original foam backing and glue are completely removed from the surface. New glue is then carefully and evenly applied over both the panels and the foam backing, and the new headliner material is secured over them, with care taken to ensure there are no wrinkles and that the fabric is stretched tight. Finally, the headliners are reinstalled in the care.

Headliner material (foam-backed cloth) can be obtained from many and automotive upholstery stores and sometimes fabric stores, as well as the DeLorean vendors. 1.5 yards of 54" wide material will provide the two "T" pieces for the ceiling and the two pieces needed for the doors.[1]. The material should be secured with the best 3M Headliner Adhesive for best results[1].

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