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Midstate DeLorean Club
DeLorean owners club for Illinois and nearby states
Region Illinois, USA and nearby states
Dues None
Current status Active

The Midstate DeLorean Club is an informal group of DeLorean owners located in and around Illinois, USA. Membership is not limited to Illinois, and includes owners llinois, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio, Colorado, and Utah, as well as other areas of the US and Canada[1].


The club has no dues, and everything is handled on a volunteer basis. Anyone may join the club through the sign-up form on their site. The club helps organize events and assists owners get in touch with each other.

New DeLorean Parts[]

The Midstate DeLorean Club also has a number of their own replacement parts available for purchase, including a shock/suspension kit, K&N air filter kit, CV boots and more. The complete list is available on their parts page, which also includes some of their own DeLorean memorabilia.

Technical Articles[]

The Midstate DeLorean Club website includes a few technical articles, including tips on changing the oil, aiming the headlights and troubleshooting tire vibration.

See Also[]


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