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PJ Grady (Europe)
Provides Service and Parts
Established May 2005
Current status Open for Business
Phone +44 (0)1268 680278
Fax +44 (0)1268 680278
Address 8/9 White Road
Charfleets Estate
Essex SS8 0PQ
England, UK

Based in the UK, PJ Grady, Europe, is a partnership with PJ Grady, USA[1].

Open for business since 2005 featuring Chris Nicholson (famed Delorean restorer in the Delorean community) PJ Grady Europe has been involved with many rare and unique Deloreans, including:

Many of the Pilot Lotus Deloreans, full restoration of Pilot 20 previously painted black, Pilot 19 previously painted red, which is under going restoration at PJ Grady Europe UK, Pilot 21 which is in the works of being restored at DMC Florida and Pilot 25, full stainless restoration.

All known surviving Legend cars, Twin Turbo Vin 502, which was restored in conjunction with Rob Grady at PJ Grady Inc, Single Turbo Vin 528, full exterior restoration, Twin Turbo Vin 530 in which PJ Grady Europe is currently restoring in the United Kingdom.  Delorean Prototype 1, full stainless steel overhaul, custom Delorean fabrucation and complete stainless restoration on the Delorean Limousine, stainless restoration and fabrucation on the Delorean Convertable. The D-Rex which had a complete stainless restoration, along with many of the early 500 series cars.

Many of the existing Wooler Hodec Right Hand Drive cars, in which PJ Grady Europe used as a base to build their own Right Hand Drive cars since 2006. Back to the Future replicas, and many custom Deloreans throughout the years. PJ Grady Europe contiunes to offer Full or part restorations in either Left hand drive, or Right hand drive form, along with servicing , restoration and updates. They have been involved in many unique projects from event show work, through to one off designs. Contact information Tele: 07731 545857, email Wesite

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