DeLorean Tech Wiki

DeLorean Factory Documentation[]

DeLorean Owners Manual[]

No owner should be without their DeLorean Owners Manual. A copy is hosted by the DMCNews in their Downloadable Files section as a PDF.

DeLorean Workshop Manual[]

If you are doing any work on a DeLorean, you need one of these. Available as reproductions from most vendors, it can also be found as a series of intentionally low-quality PDFs on the DMCTalk forums.

DeLorean Parts Manual[]

This features exploded pictures of the DeLorean and matching part numbers, making it easier to tell how it is put together, as well as the part names and part numbers themselves. DMCNews has a copy available as multiple PDFs in their Downloadable Files section. Reproductions are available from many vendors if you would like to own a hardcopy.

DeLorean Technical Manual[]

This contains service bulletins and updates that are not in the Workshop Manual, and is available from most vendors. Individual bulletins are available as downloads from the Bulletins section of the DMCNews website.

Volvo Service Manuals[]

The DeLorean is driven by a Peugeot/Renault/Volvo V6 (PRV-6) engine, the B28F. Volvo service manuals have detailed instructions with pictures or photographs for each step, as well as diagnostic procedures to determine just what is wrong.

Volvo CI Fuel System Manual[]

  • Section 2 (23) | CI Fuel System B27, B28E/F | 260 1975-1983

This documents the K-Jet CIS used on the B27 and B28E/F engines.

Volvo B27/B28 Engine Manual[]

  • Section 2 (excl. group 23) | CI Fuel System B27, B28 Engines | 260 1975-1983

This covers information, specifications, engine assembly, lubrication, intake and exhaust, cooling and engine controls for the B27 and B28 engines.

Volvo B27/B28 Engine Reconditioning Manual[]

  • Section 2 (21) | Reconditioning Engine B27, B28 | 260 1975-1983

This illustrates how to rebuild/recondition the B27 and B28 engines.

Renault Service Manuals[]

The DeLorean features a Renault transmissions: the R20 automatic or the 1N manual. Renault has manuals available for each.

Renault T.A. 4141 Tech Manual[]

This provides detailed information on diagnosing, maintaining and repairing the DeLorean's Renault R20 automatic transmission.

Cross Reference Guide[]

This is a collection of known parts from other vehicles that can be used in place of original DeLorean parts.