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This article covers the steering wheel and steering rack in the DeLorean.

Replacing the Steering Wheel[]

johnarleyburns on the DMCTalk forums has written a good step-by-step guide covering how to replacing the DeLorean's steering wheel. The guide includes instructions for removing the original wheel and installing either a DeLorean wheel or an aftermarket wheel, both with and without an adaptor. The process is fairly straight-forward and requires minimal tools.[1].

The stock DeLorean steering wheel is 13 inches (330 mm) in diameter with a Momo-style mounting. It is recommended that you use a replacement wheel of about the same diameter to ensure that you can still easily fit your legs under the it when sitting in the car[1]. If you want to use an aftermarket wheel without a Momo-style mounting, you can buy a Momo adaptor from DeLorean Motor Company, Texas, part 111396, or through other vendors.

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