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Changing the tranny[]

does anybody know of automatic transmissions with or without an engine that can be dropped into the DeLorean?

- Astillius

I did some research on this at the end of 2010, and found that the DeLorean's rear engine/rear wheel drive configuration is very rare. The only quality modern transmission I could find was the Porche 911, and that costs more than a DeLorean transmission, and requires a custom adaptor plate (although apparently the engine splines line up) and frame modifications to make it fit. Other rear engine/rear wheel drive cars include the Smart Car (obviously not viable), the original Volkswagon Beetle, and some 1970s era cars, none of which really seem suitable.

In theory, a mid engine/front wheel drive car's transmission would also work (it's the same as a rear engine/rear wheel drive configuration, but moved to the front wheels), but those cars seem even rarer than rear engine/rear wheel drive designs.

I don't know if there are any suitable transmissions that support flipping of the ring gear like the DeLorean's Renault transmission. If so, that could open the door to a lot more easily-available transmissions, as there a lot more front engine/front wheel drive and mid engine/rear wheel drive cars out there to choose from.

Yet another possibility is to find a transmission that can run upside down. This effectively reverses the transmission, but requires modifications to keep the transmission from leaking and to move the oil pan to the bottom. Apparently this kind of conversion is often done to make rear wheel drive dune buggies (or so Google would have me believe).

At this point, I'm waiting for a more exotic drivetrain to become viable (say, independent electric motors mounted to each wheel, thus removing the physical connection between the engine and the wheels and radically increasing the available mounting options), but I figure that'll be another decade at least.

Jangell 14:07, January 5, 2012 (UTC)