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The DeLorean community has created numerous web sites. These range from personal sites, fan sites, Back to the Future sites, and sites devoted to DeLorean technical issues like the DeLorean Tech Wiki. Sticking with the technical focus of this wiki, this article lists various technically-oriented Delorean sites that include how-tos and other directly useful information.

This list is sorted alphabetically. Unlike many other sections of this site, these link directly to the external webpage and not to an article within the wiki. Some of these overlap with sites in the Community Forums and Mailing Lists and Vendors articles, too. If you know of any other sites that should be in this list, feel free to contact us at the DMCTechWiki Yahoo Group, or simply login and add it yourself.

Technical Websites[]

Individual Vehicle Technical Websites[]

These are personal sites covering repairs, modifications and restorations to individual vehicles. Useful information can generally be gleaned from the experiences of these and other owners.

  • The 1561 Project, Todd Nelson's restoration of VIN 1561, including an extensive breakdown of the repairs and costs involved.
  • Andy Snell's Delorean Restoration, with numerous before and after pictures of his DeLorean restoration process. Seems to have been taken down however text can be seen through at Archive of
  • DeLorean Reborn, a repair and maintenance blog by Derek for VIN 10084, with many pictures and tips for window felt replacement, fir tree repair, parcel shelf Dynamat installation, stereo upgrades and more.
  • Paul's Restoration Site for DeLorean VIN 6463. This includes separating the body from the frame, frame restoration, air conditioner rebuild, interior restoration, engine tidying, exterior detailing.
  • Project DeLorean features an extensive restoration and modification of a DeLorean. The modifications include a custom grill and headlights, matte black paint over the stainless steel, ground effects, air inlets both in front of and above the rear tires, redesigned center console and dashboard, new seats, custom interior finish, upgraded sound system, and various other additions. The site includes numerous pictures of various stages of the redesign.

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