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An automotive socket set in its carrying case, featuring a range of metric and english sockets, spark plug sockets, screwdriver bits and extensions.

A socket wrench is used to tighten and loosen nuts and bolts, and consists of a series of interchangeable sockets of different sizes that can be attach to the ratcheting wrench handle. Socket wrenches have a reversible ratcheting mechanism that allow them to tighten in only one direction. This makes them easier to use than a standard wrench, as you do not need to remove the wrench after each turn.

The interface between the socket wrench and the sockets themselves also come in a few common sizes. Larger sockets often require larger sized wrenches. Adaptors are available to convert from the different sizes, but in general it's better to use the correct size wrench to avoid damaging it.

Socket wrenches require access to the entire top of the nut or bolt, which may not always be possible. Deep sockets can make it easier to access nuts on the end of bolts that a normal shallow socket might not be able to reach. Socket wrenches also require more room than simple wrenches, and may not be able to fit into all areas. There are also various adaptors, extensions and tilt adjustments available that provide more options.

The DeLorean mostly uses standard hexagonal metric bolts, but some english parts can be found in the car as well. A metric socket set of is considered essential for working on the DeLorean.

Replacement nuts and bolts can often be found at any hardware store, but more specialized or critical parts must be purchased directly from DeLorean vendors

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