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A pair of fine-gauge, spring-loaded wire strippers.

Wire strippers are special variation of pliers used to strip the insulation off the end of an electrical wire. A single pair of wire strippers often handles a range of wire gauges. The blue-handled wire strippers shown in the picture cover five gauges of wire, but are for finer work than commonly found in the DeLorean. Wire strippers that can handle 10 to 18 gauge wire are more suited to DeLorean work.

Wires are stripped simply by placing the end of the wire in the appropriately sized recess in the stripper's jaws, squeezing the handles and pulling the strippers away from the wire. This cuts and strips the insulation without damaging the wire itself. There are also wire strippers available that both cut the insulation and pull it off the wire simply by squeezing down on the handles.

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