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Volvo B27/B28 Reconditioning Engine Manual
Section 2 (21), B27, B28, 260 1975-1983

The Volvo Engine Reconditioning Manual covers the B27 and B28 engines, including the B28F used in the DeLorean. Although directed at Volvo-built vehicles, the engine rebuild procedures apply equally well tot he DeLorean's B28F. The complete name of the manual isSection 2 (21), B27, B28, 260 1975-1983.

This manual is also known as the Volvo Reconditioning Engine Manual and the Volvo Engine Rebuild Manual.


The manual includes specifications, a list of special tools, and complete instructions for disassembling and rebuilding the engine. Each page is divided into operation numbers identifying specific steps performed in a given procedure. The sparse table of contents that leads the 62 page manual is supplemented a full index.


Example page showing the photographs and technical drawings present throughout the Volvo Engine Rebuild Manual

The manual is visually detailed, with photographs and technical drawings of many of the engine components, often illustrating each step of a procedure.

  • Table fo Contents
  • Important Information
  • Specifications
  • Special Tools
  • Thread Repairs
  • Reconditioning Engine
    • Disassembly
    • Cleaning and Inspection
    • Assembly
    • Cylinder Head, Reconditioning
    • Assembly (cont.)
  • Index

The manual has european-style hole punches. This allows it and the other Volvo manuals to be collected and protected in a binder, although it can be tricky to locate a compatible binder in the United States.


Руководства по ремонту Volvo, не доступны Правило от поставщиков DeLorean, но можно найти в Интернете с некоторого поиска в таких местах, как

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