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Volvo CI Fuel System Manual
Section 2(23), CI Fuel System B27, B28E/F, 260 1975-1983

The Volvo CI Fuel System Manual covers the fuel system used in the DeLorean. The documentation is generally directed at Volvo cars of the day, so certain instructions that are vehicle-specific do not apply to the DeLorean, such as how the fuel tank is mounted, or references to the radiator fan mounted on the engine. However, the bulk of the manual deals directly with the fuel system itself, and thus applies equally to the DeLorean. The complete name of the manual is Section 2(23), CI Fuel System B27, B28E/F, 260 1975-1983.


The manual includes specifications, a list of special tools, and detailed information on the CI and CIS systems, including specifications with temperature curves, components, fault tracing, basic settings and inspection, and adjustments. Each page is further divided into operation numbers identifying specific steps performed in a given procedure. A table of contents outlines the 131 page manual, and the full index makes it easy to find pertinent information.


Example page showing the photographs and technical drawings present throughout the Volvo CI System Manual

The manual is visually detailed, with photographs and technical drawings of many of the engine components, often illustrating each step of a procedure.

  • Table fo Contents
  • Specifications
  • Special Tools
  • CI System
    • Brief Description
    • Location of Components
    • Important Information
    • Flushing System
    • Inspection of System
      • Faults Detected
      • Adjusting Line and Reset Pressures
    • Fault Tracing
    • Components, Checking and Replacement, etc.
      • Tank Pump
      • Fuel Pump + Non-Return (Check) Valve
      • Fuel Accumulator
      • Fuel Filter
      • Air-Fuel Control Unit
      • Injectors
      • Control Pressure Regulator
      • Start Injector, Thermal Time Switch, Impulse Relay
      • Auxiliary Air Valve
      • Relays
    • Wiring Diagram
  • Constant Idle Speed System (CIS-System)
    • Location of Components
    • Idle Speed
    • Fault Symptoms
    • Basic Setting and Inspection of System
    • Fault Tracing
    • Wiring Diagram
  • Idle Speed & CO Content, Checking/Adjusting
    • General
    • B27E 1975-1978
    • B27E 1979-1980
    • B28E
    • B27F
    • B28F
  • Miscellaneous
    • Air Filter, Air Preheating
    • Fuel Lines, Replacing Nipples
    • Fuel Lines, Replacing Lines
    • Fuel Lines, Connections
    • Fuel Tank 1975-1978, Types
    • Fuel Tank 1975-1978, Replacement
    • Fuel Tank 1978-1983
    • Evaporative System
  • Index

The manual has european-style hole punches. This allows it and the other Volvo manuals to be collected and protected in a binder, although it can be tricky to locate a compatible binder in the United States.


The Volvo service manuals are not generally available from DeLorean vendors, but can be found online with some searching at places such as


  • CI: Continuous Injection
  • CIS: Constant Idle Speed

CIS may also be used to refer to the CI System, which can lead to confusion.

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