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The windshield wiper control module drives the wiper motor based on the the current state of the wiper switch, mostly to support the intermittent wipe feature. This is also known as the wiper delay module.



Wiper control module location, figure 35, from the DeLorean Workshop Manual:Electrical System, page M:09:03. The module is labeled as number 10 in the diagram, and the text LUCAS on it.

The module itself is made by Lucas, and is readily available from DeLorean vendors, and may be available from third parties as the Lucas 6DA Wiper Control. The module has two connectors on it, with one going to the wiper switch on the steering column while the other runs to the wiper motor. There is also a black ground wire connected to the side of the module.

  • Part Number: 105176


The wipe control module is mounted under the driver's side dashboard, next to the door buzzer box. It is a black module with two white, five-pin connectors plugged into it, and a ground wire screwed onto the side. It is normally secured with two screws, but it may also simply be taped in place.


It is possible to bypass the control module by directly connecting the switch harness to the motor harness. This should only be done as a temporary measure until a new module can be purchased from a DeLorean vendor. When bypassed, the low and high speeds will operate normally, but the intermittent speed will not. This can also be used to test for a failed wiper control module when the wipers do not operate at all with it connected.

The control module may be bypassed simply by disconnecting the two harnesses normally attached to it and plugging them into each other.


Replacing the module is a simple matter of removing the old module and and installing the new one. Two screws hold it in place, or it may simply be taped in place. Don't forget to reconnect the black ground wire to the side of the module.

The DeLorean Workshop Manual has a brief overview of how to replace the module on page M:09:03.

johnarleyburns has posted instructions for how to replace the wiper control module on DMCTalk. He includes locating the module, cleaning the connectors, replacing the module and testing it for proper operation. He also includes pictures showing the module and its mounting.


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