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Complete DeLorean wiring diagrams and schematics are available in the DeLorean Workshop Manual, and improved versions are available from other sources online.

Factory Diagrams[]

The electrical section of the DeLorean Workshop Manual includes fairly complete wiring diagrams starting at page M:18:01. These are black and white diagrams, but include wire colors via letter codes. There is also a large schematic of all of the cars wiring at the end of the section.

Improved Diagrams[]


Examples of lostprophet's improved color wiring diagrams.

lostprophet posted improved versions of the DeLorean Schematics on DMCTalk. These are full color wiring diagrams, complete with a visual guide to the which fuses and relays the circuit involves and extra visual flourishes, such as drawing the tail light assemblies instead of just abstract bulb icons in the lighting diagrams. They are a significant enhancement to the original schematics.

Bitsyncmaster on DMCTalk posted a dome light timer circuit in the same thread. This isn't found in the original DeLorean documentation.

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