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The Zilla products were created by Bob Zilla. This series of high-quality DeLorean replacement electronics are not currently being manufactured. Zilla products were well known for their ease of installation and solid operation.

Zilla Products[]


Probably the best-known Zilla product, Lockzilla replaced the original lock module with a new, less failure prone module. There was also an optional Lockzilla Remote, a keyless entry unit that interfaced with Lockzilla to lock and unlock the doors. There was a planned door launcher system in development, which would allow you to open the doors remotely, but this never materialized.


Nearly as well known as Lockzilla, Fanzilla replaced the fan fail module and the cooling fan relay with a new module. This more robust solution also turned the cooling fans on sequentially instead of concurrently, reducing the load on the car's electrical system.


Tankzilla is a replacement fuel sender unit.

Installation Instructions[]

ssdelorean on DMCTalk posted a complete set of Zilla installation instructions for Lockzilla Series 3, Lockzilla Remote Series 2 and Tankzilla. These are directly available as PDF downloads. They can also be found in the DMCNews website's technical files section.

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